My Resume


  • Design and implementation of back end and database of different sites with Java language and Spring framework and postgresql, mysql, sql server, mongodb,elastic, cassandra.
  • Design and implementation of back end infrastructure of the largest game studio in the field of mobile (Medrick) with microservice architecture (using spring cloud)
  • Cooperation with Beheshti University
  • Cooperation with Tarbiat Modares Science and Technology Park
  • 1800 hours of teaching programming in Java
  • 500 hours of spring frame training
  • Record 200 hours of docker training and dockerize projects written with spring wreck frames.
  • History of using elastic search + logstash + kibana ” ELK” in large projects for log system in order to easily trace project logs.
  • Using database cache, second layer, application and external system such as Reddit in projects.

The technology and systems I worked on:

  • Java, Spring boot, Spring cloud
  • Web API, MVC
  • Postgres
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Entity Framework, Dapper
  • RabbitMQ, Kafka
  • Database design
  • ELK ( elastic search, Logstash, and Kibana)
  • Git
  • docker swarm
  • familiar with Python, PHP, HTML, CSS
  • Unit test, performance and load test (JMeter)
  • Clustering for databases.
  • Microservices with spring cloud
  • Junit, web API
  • Prometheus, node exporter, alert manager, Grafana for server and service monitoring
  • hibernate ORM
  • PostgreSQL Clustering and load balancing with Ha proxy
  • PostgreSQL logical replication

A brief overwork of my field of work

  • Backs end programming and implementation of project server with Spring framework
  • Work with different databases
  • Technical Lead in the Field of Back end
  • Design and implementation of micro-service infrastructure of iran’s largest mobile game studio (medrick)

This website is designed for all Java enthusiasts and in this way, I am trying to share my personal information and experience with you and be able to provide you with solutions to start your business project, if somewhere I am wrong, be sure to contact me by email to learn from you and if you need to learn new technology or topic, It will be great to help you.