Linux vs. Mac OS (15 reasons why you should use Linux instead of Mac OS)

I’m going to get acquaintedwith the difference between Linux and Mac OS in this article.In general, there is no such thing as a “better operating system” and it depends only on how the user or the purpose of the job is used. Any operating system, such as Linux, Mac OS or Windows OS, has its advantages according to different applications.
If you want to have a system of open source nature, using Linux is recommended because it has a lot of free open source software, but for the office environment, it’s best to use Windows OS because it offers a set of enterprise-level office software. Mac OS, on the other hand, is suitable for advanced tasks or graphical tasks such as web design, UX and UI design, product design, sound editing, image editing, etc.

1- Linux vs. Mac OS

1. Basic Infrastructure: Core

If I want to compare Linux with Mac OS, Linux itself should be checked first. Linux is not an operating system, but a complete Kernel, which is the core of all available Linux distributions. Many companies on the market produce different Linux operating systems by combining all software, Desktop environment, drivers and Core kernel, so linux kernel is developed and maintained by Linux foundation, but a large number of volunteers and companies offer distributions, and none of the units can use Linux alone.
Mac OS, on the other hand, is only developed and maintained by Apple engineers. That means a company develops the entire system, including Kernel, desktop environment, and many default software. Mac OS is based on a different architecture called NeXTSTEP, which is based on an Unix system.

2. Stability and Performance System

Linux and Mac OS are both perfectly Stable for regular tasks. Apple supports Mac OS, so it has a fully integrated system update process that ensures system Stability and high Performance.
Linux distributions are provided with different Desktop environments depending on the needs and demands of users. If you have the latest advanced systems, Ubuntu or Linux Mint can be your best choice. Otherwise, you’ll be looking for any Linux-style operating systems like Lubuntu or PepperMint for your old Desktop or Laptop. Despite the heavy system resources or lightweight distributions, Linux ensures good Stability and Performance.

3. Hardware Support

Both Linux and Mac OS systems do very well in this section. Since Mac OS is only used in apple-made hardware, it offers a combination of stable and fully integrated hardware and software to achieve the highest performance.
Linux has a wide range of software to support Driver. Although it used to be one of the problems with Linux, and hardware developers didn’t actually offer compatible Driver support for their hardware on Linux, now is the time to change, and Linux is one of the most widely used operating systems on Desktop or Server. All major vendors now provide hardware-compatible drivers for Linux distributions as soon as they get other systems such as Mac OS or Windows operating system.

4. Target User Group

If you can pay a lot of money and need a standby system, you’d better choose Mac OS. With good performance, this system gives you an extraordinary Desktop environment. Mac OS is a great choice for beginner users and even some advanced users who want to do some advanced things like sound and video editing and graphic design.
Linux has both Target User groups. If you’re new to Linux World, look for Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Elementary OS, but if you want an advanced Task-oriented or Customized environment, choose Arch Linux or Kali. In addition, there is a Terminal or a Command line interface that serves as an advanced tool to do anything at tech-savvy level.

5. F.O.S.S vs. Proprietary

Linux is a free Hub and Open source software. There are thousands of apps on the market that are a useful alternative to any business collection or paid application.
Buying an Apple device or software equipped with Mac OS both costs a lot of money. Apple actually offers some advanced and sophisticated software, and you have to pay for their software or services.

6. Security & Privacy

Security and Privacy are the main factors ofLinux. That’s whyLinux has gained popularity among IT professionals. Creating Backdoor on linux kernel system is difficult and also the system ensures that no digital Footprint tracks users.
Mac OS, on the other hand, is a beautiful Walled garden for users created by Apple. Most Apple software tracks all of its user activities so that it can sell the product to its customer in a better way. Moreover, because Mac OS is a Closed source, so we don’t know how Apple uses users’ data or who the company sells them to.

7. Antivirus and Malware threats

As for the Windows operating system, it is possible to say with certainty that malware poles and threats are online. In contrast, this is not the case for Mac OS. Apple always offers Stable Security Patches whenever any security holes or breaches occur or are reported.
Although Linux offers a Robust system, it is not immune to Malware or any online threats. Linux has a large number of Community sites that help you whenever and wherever a security breach occurs on the system.

8. Customization

You can’t do any kind of effective Customization on a Mac operating system like the Windows operating system. Everything is already defined by the company and you hardly have a chance to build your own system.
As for the Linux system, for anything you like to do, it has a customization option, and both the GUI interface and command line interface provide tailored options for basic and advanced Customization.

9. Administrative Privilege and Root Access

By default, Linux doesn’t offer any Administrative or Root access, which means that viruses or Malware can damage system files at the beginning but users’ data stays immune, but in Windows and Mac OS, administrative and Root access is provided from the beginning, which makes the system more vulnerable to Malware and viruses.

10. Programming Platform for Developer

Mac OS is a great choice for creating a development environment for elements of sound, film, graphic design or web design, but if you’re a programmer or you’re planning to do it, it’s Linux’s best choice. There are thousands of code editors, text editors, IDEs and programming languages that can only be used in Linux environments.

11. Install, Update & Upgrade

Apple is the only vendor that offers all system updates, and the Mac system has its own App Store, which makes it very easy and hassle-free to get the required updates. Mac users don’t need any technical knowledge to update the system and software.
Linux, on the other hand, was recognized as a slightly sophisticated system that was better for Tech-savvy people. Many distributions such as Ubuntu, ZorinOS, Linux Mint, Elementary OS and PepperMint have come on the market, known in the world of operating systems as a simple, Straightforward system such as Windows or Mac OS. Linux distributions provide simple steps to install the system itself. It also has a repository system and fully integrated to update installed apps.

12. Different Flavors for Different Needs

Linux is a thousand miles ahead in this section. Depending on users’ needs and system configuration, there are hundreds of Desktop environments from Linux. In addition to those who want to move slowly from their previous operating system along with low appearance changes, distributions from Linux, similar to Windows Mac distributions are available, such as ZorinOS and Elementary OS. You can also change the whole system by adding different Themes and Icons.

13. Gaming Area

Like Windows, Mac OS is also a system that is more preferred to develop the latest and most famous games. All games can be downloaded on a Mac system. Linux didn’t do well in this section, but now it’s accelerating in terms of priority in game development and hardware support to achieve the highest performance in games. In addition, Linux supports Steam platform where you can play the best games offline and online. Games on Linux now have much more access via PlayonLinux or Wine.

14. Photoshop, Office Suite and Media Editor

Photoshop, Office suites and high-end media editors are the main reason users use Mac OS. Mac provides great performance for sound editing, photo editing, video editing, etc. Linux doesn’t support MS Office or Adobe Photoshop, but there are many other options available. You can use LibreOffice as Microsoft Office and GIMP or Darktable as Photoshop.

15. Task automation

Since Linux provides more Administrative and Root-level access than Mac OS, so it’s ahead of the Mac system in terms of doing Task automation through the Command line interface. Most IT professionals prefer to use Linux in their workplace instead of Mac OS.

2- Linux or Mac OS: Which one is best for you?

Mac OS is much safer and more reliable than the Windows operating system. Hacking or attacking a Mac system is not impossible, but because it is based on the Unix platform, it therefore provides a secure Sandbox environment where Threats or Malware cannot access and cause major damage.
Linux is more secure and reliability than windows and Mac operating systems. That’s why both beginners and IT professionals around the world choose Linux more than any other system. Also in the server and Supercomputer section, Linux is known as the first option and the main platform of many users.
So if you’re a user who likes an Aristocratic and robust look, an environment for advanced work in the field of sound, Media, Photos and Graphics, I recommend using Mac OS. But remember, this will also cost you a lot of money at the beginning and during Life cycle, and it offers a system that you can only use without customization and a lot of trouble.

And in the end,

If you prefer Open Source systems, obviously go to Linux, which gives you a free environment and you can create the system as you wish. Linux offers all software at no cost and can also perform personal and job tasks in the best way.