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My name is Arsalan Mirbozorgi and in this article I am going to introduce you to some programming languages ​​and name the famous frameworks used by programmers. Java is one of the most popular programming languages. First, let’s look at the unique features of each programming language in the form of a table, and then go to the important diagrams related to these languages, and by analyzing the characteristics of each of them, conclude which programming language is more suitable for us. Finally, we want to talk to you briefly about the most popular and widely used frameworks.

Compare Java and different programming languages with each other

As we told you, in this article you get familiar with different programming languages with different features. To make the comparison easier for you, we have tried to bring you the features of each programming language in the form of a table. In the table below you can see the full features of these languages ​​and understand the capabilities of each of them.

زبان موارد استفاده شدهImperativeObject orientedfunctional proceduralgenericreflectivereflectiveاستاندارد شده
JavaApplication, business, client-side, general, mobile development, server-side, web
PythonApplication, general, web, scripting, artificial intelligence, scientific computing
KotlinApplication, mobile development, server-side, client-side, web
JavascriptClient-side, server-side, web
CApplication, system, general purpose, low-level operations
C++Application, system
PHPServer-side, web application, web
SwiftApplication, general
C#Application, general, server-side, web
RubyApplication, scripting, web
Objective CApplication, general

As you can see in this table, there are many programming languages, each of which is designed and produced for different purposes, but some languages, such as Java, because they are open source and have a large number of libraries, and are useful in very large projects. In this article, we are going to show you diagrams in this field so that you can better understand this issue.

Diagrams expressing Java’s superiority over other programming languages

Every year, TIOBE conducts surveys of the best engineers, programmers and IT activists around the world on the best languages of the program. In the meantime, the superiority criterion is determined by an index as a Tiobe index. According to the Tiobe Index, the most popular and most popular programming language in this survey was java language, which can be seen in the diagram below.

TIOBE Institute Survey Chart

The next chart, published by the Stack Overflow site, is a survey plan for the year 2018, which includes a multi-choice question. In this survey, people were given the opportunity to choose the desired number of options, and the results of the survey were published separately based on each of the selected languages ​​in each option. More than100,000 programmers were asked which programming language they have worked with so far and which language do they prefer to use in their own projects?

One thing to keep in mind is that the top three languages ​​in this survey are JavaScript, HTML, and CSS; Which are the languages ​​used in website design on the client side. SQL is also the language used in the database and is not comparable to languages ​​such as Python or Java.

Stack Overflow site survey

The following chart fully describes the number of projects available on the GitHub site for each of the programming languages. You can see in this diagram that JavaScript is the number one language, and as we said before, it is a client-side language and is not comparable to other programming languages.

Projects on the GitHub site by programming languages

In all three diagrams that we have brought to you in this article, you can see the superiority of the Java programming language among programmers without any doubt. Among other languages, the Python programming language has many fans. Due to the fact that this program has a lot of simplicity of coding, it is widely used among non-experts in the field of programming and software. According to the explanations that we have brought to you so far, we can say that Java is one of the most popular and well-known programming languages ​​and is in the first place.

Compare frameworks

In this part of the article, we want to give you a brief comparison of the most popular frameworks among programmers. This comparison is not simply a comparison between programming languages ​​because each framework is used in specific areas such as Android, Windows, Mac, Web and other fields. Very few frameworks are known as comprehensive frameworks, but the best comprehensive framework we can introduce to you is the Spring framework. This framework is one of the most popular and widely used frameworks in the world, designed for the Java programming language. This is an open source framework and its first edition was released for the first time in the year 2003, but to date, many changes have been made to this framework.

In today’s world, Springing Framework is one of the most suitable and powerful frameworks and is mostly used in enterprise programs.  Contrary to many people’s beliefs, spring is not a good choice for building web applications. Spring Web is a framework used to build web-based applications that depend on the MVC model, also known as Spring MVC. This is only a small part of the spring. The spring framework is modular. You can choose the modules you need and discard the rest according to your needs.

Spring Features:

  • The Spring MVC framework is designed to support the MVC architecture in web applications.
  • Having an i18n for being multilingual
  • Support for various ORMs such as hibernate, iBatis and …
  • Having a Testing Framework for all types of black box and white box tests
  • Having Spring Security for security cases
  • Various template 
  • frameworks such as thymeleaf and…
  • Having a Validation Framework to evaluate program inputs and outputs

And in the end,

In general, we can conclude that Java language and Spring framework have the best features needed by programmers and can be the most comprehensive and complete for software projects.

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