MongoDB database:

My name is Arsalan Mirbozorgi and in this article I am trying to explain MongoDB to you and tell you what features this database has in web programming. In previous articles, we were introduced to various concepts such as databases and SQL. Everyone who works in the field of programming or application design tries to use different databases to store their information. SQL and NoSQL databases have a variety of uses depending on the needs of the programmers. In this article, we will talk to you about the MongoDB database and its features.

MongoDB database review:

MongoDB is a type of database that has various features. In general, a database is a place where information can be categorized and stored. Note that this storage makes accessing, managing, and updating various information much easier. You can consider a simple example to better understand. For example, try to recreate the functionality of the phonebook in your mind. In this book, the numbers of people are stored along with their names, and you can find the information you want by simply flipping through the pages whenever you need them, or edit them without any problems.  When the volume of information increases, it is necessary to record the information in a safe and orderly place so that it can be used as needed. In each database, information is placed in different rows and columns. Of course, you have to pay attention to the fact that the method of classification in different databases is different from each other.  For example, the way data is stored in the SQL and MongoDB databases is different.

Database Types

There are different types of databases. The old types of databases are very different from the new types. Older databases are networked or hierarchical, but newer databases have more appropriate formats such as SQL and NoSQL, and are relational databases.  In the following, we are going to introduce the NoSQL Relationship Database, which is the most important database.

NoSQL Database

The term NoSQL stands for “Not Only SQL Database”. This type of database is one of the most widely used databases. These databases categorize various information such as key-Value and deal with data based on documents, graphic data, key-Value, and more.  In fact, this database has the ability to store a huge amount of data safely. This type of database is a good alternative to relational databases.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is one of the NoSQL databases, or in other words, one of the most famous types. The structure of this type of database is very flexible and for this reason it is used for projects that have a large amount of data. MongoDB is free and open source.  Oriented or documented data is better stored in this database. MongoDB can be accessed on various operating systems such as Mac, Linux, Windows. The data ​​stored in MongoDB are used by either the primary key or the secondary key.

In MongoDB you can store various values ​​as documents that come in different sizes. MongoDB can store a variety of complex data that are hierarchical data or have array properties.

MongoDB Features

If we want to examine the features of this type of database, we can mention the following:

  1. Storing data in MongoDB is more flexible than other databases.  This flexibility is due to the documentary nature of this type of database.
  2. This database uses sharding to manage data as well as segment it. It splits these tools and data into smaller chunks to make it easier to respond to requests from the server. Note that this is done at high network loads and divides the database into different sections.
  3. As mentioned earlier, data in this database is accessed by both primary and secondary keys. This allows data processing time and access to them to be faster.
  4. Mongo DB also has replication features. In this property, the data is selected as the original data and then a copy is made and stored in other sections. In this case, if the original data is corrupted and lost, these copies are very efficient.

How does MongoDB work?

Note that the data is stored in relational databases as a record.  But in MongoDB, the data is stored as a document, and these documents are of the BSOM or binary JSON type, and have a value and key field. The code written in this database requires a relationship called Mongo Shell to execute, which is a major bridge between programmers and databases through which individuals can stream data and send Query.

What are the disadvantages and advantages of MongoDB?

There is a concept called schema in the relational database. This concept means that a specific structure is defined for the data and this data must be stored in these structures. In MongoDB and other NoSQL databases, the definition of a specific structure is not defined in this context and there are no restrictions on data storage. Another advantage of MongoDB is that it is very scalable.  This feature makes this database more suitable for use in large data projects. However, there are some disadvantages along with advantages in this database. One of the disadvantages in this regard is the weakness of this database in using Foreign Key. This feature causes them to not have enough stability in this database, and in some cases this issue occurs after the loss of system integrity. Another feature that can be considered as a disadvantage of this database is the definition of a node as the main node in the clustering of data that exists in the database. If and for any reason this node is destroyed, the order of the sub-nodes of this node will be completely destroyed.  Note that this problem does not exist in the Cassandra database.


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And in the end,

MongoDB is mostly used in high level programming and software development. Storing data in this type of database has made this database known as a powerful database and has a better use than other databases. MongoDB Queries are also very simple compared to other databases and programmers can work with them easily. To use this tool, you can download it from the link.


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