Java programming language

Java is a popular programming language that you can use to develop software for Windows, Linux, Mac, and the Web. Java was first developed by a team at Sun Microsystems led by James Gosling and released in 1995.

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A database is a collection of data and information. The most widely used types of databases are RDBMS and NoSQL on this website, and together we intend to review and work with the database in the Spring Boot framework.

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DevOps is a combination of several roles. In general, after we write the Java application and test it locally, we have to live this project. This section wants to help us do this without any problems.

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This website is designed for all those interested in the field of Java, and in this way, we try to share our personal knowledge and experiences with you and we can provide you with solutions to start your business project. If we are wrong somewhere, be sure to contact us by email to learn from you, and if you have any need to introduce technology or topic, email us to study and share with you

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