Introducing MySql

If you also have experience in programming and working with PHP, you must be familiar with the term MySQL. You might want to know what this word means. I, Arsalan Mirbozorgi, would like to provide you with complete information on the applications of MySQL, Query, and SQL language in this article.

Before we start the discussion, we want to go to the concept of a database. A database is a place where a set of user input data and information is stored. When you are planning to launch a website, you definitely need a very strong database so that you can keep your users’ information in it. All the content that you upload to your site, the comments section or any information that you want to access is stored in your database. MySQL is actually a database management system by which you can create and manage a database.

In the world of cyberspace and computer systems, data play a very important role in communication, so the protection and maintenance of this data is very important. All information in the form of images, text, videos, documents, and products, and anything else called software, applications, or sites is converted into data and information by the programming languages. If you want to access them, the data will be displayed again in a language you can understand.

what is mysql

What are mySQL features?

MySQL is a database management software with excellent features.  You may be wondering why I should use MySQL?  In answer to this question, we must say that this software has unique features. Various features such as very low cost, high efficiency, low maintenance cost, ease of learning, easy support, wide application, strong connection with the PHP programming language, are the advantages of this system.

what is mysql

What is Query?

We told you earlier that SQL is a database management software that you can use to make the necessary edits to your database. But various operations such as deleting a specific data, editing a very small part of a data, adding new data or even searching for a specific data are all performed by Queries. A Query is a command that you give to a database to perform an operation. In simpler language, Query makes your request understandable to the database and system.

SQL language and its relationship with MySQL:

In the previous paragraph we talked to you about Query. Now we want to go to SQL or Structured Query Language. SQL is a special language that helps you create and manage a curator. With the SQL language, you can execute different types of Queries for your database and retrieve data from the database. Also edit, delete, update existing data or even create a new database. In general, SQL’s language capabilities are so vast that we will talk about them extensively in other articles.

And in the end,

MySQL is actually a database management system. Using this system, you can create a database and manage it completely. In the world of computers and cyberspace, data plays a very important role in communication, so data retention is very important. Mirbozorgi website tries to provide you with articles and practical experiences in learning new topics Email me if you want to know more.

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