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My name is Arsalan Mir Bozorgi. In this article, I will try to talk to you about Redis and name its features for you. If you’ve seen Google Play, the App Store, MyKet, Bazzar, and other stores that offer a variety of apps, many of them use Redis.  In addition, there are many sites, each of which is somehow connected to Redis.

With the expansion of cyberspace and the transfer of many businesses to this space, server-side applications are much more used.  These programs are very popular and suitable for the audience today, and many people visit these websites every day. If these websites do not have strong support from the server, they will easily crash. NoSQL databases have special features and can help the website in this regard. One of the most popular Redis databases is NoSQL.

If you visit, you will notice that Redis (abbreviation for Remote Dictionary Server) has been introduced as a database that uses RAM to temporarily store information. Note that information is stored as keywords in Redis, and because of this feature, it is much easier to retrieve them.

Key-Value System

Key-Value can be considered as a server for storing information based on key pair or key and value. For example, if the data is age = 16, our key is age and its value is sixteen. As we told you before, information is stored in Redis as Key-Value, so Radis is a kind of database.

Redis Application

If we want to talk to you about the use of Redis, it is better to start our distribution with an example. For example, if we want to design a site for selling plane tickets, this site will face hundreds and thousands of requests every day. In this site, customers must enter the payment stage after choosing their origin and destination, and in no way should they be delayed between stages. If we need to connect to the server for each request in this case, the speed of the site will definitely slow down a lot, and on the other hand, if we want to eliminate the slow speed, we must have a higher amount of RAM, which in itself can increase  Excessive costs. In this case, a simple and inexpensive way is to use Redis. This database stores information temporarily, so much less requests go to the main server and also, we will have faster response time. Radis supports various data such as hashes, strings, sets, lists, sorted sets. In the Redis database, information is stored in main memory, and this can greatly increase the response speed. For this reason, Redis is very suitable for Queues, Pub and Sub, caching, and Counting.

Is Redis different from other databases?

If we want to compare Redis with other databases such as Oracle or MySQL, we must say that unlike this type of database, Redis does not have a table, column or function. There is no update, select, delete, and other commands in Redis, and to do this you must use special commands.

In addition, Redis uses data structures such as hashes, sets, lists, strings, etc. to manage and organize information. However, it is interesting to know that you are interacting with Redis through the command. The full list of these commands can be found in the Radius documentation.

Application of Caching in Redis

If we want to reduce the amount of access to our hard drive to a very large extent, we can use caching. With using caching, all information is stored in a cache, and this in itself can speed up the site’s response or make it easier to load them. In this method, information is actually received once and stored in caching. Note that this will have many benefits, such as reducing time and speed and saving resources. On the other hand, because caching is a type of temporary memory, this is also temporary memory and cannot be used as a database for permanent storage of information.  this is often used to store user login information, data sharing, cookie storage, and tools for sessions. None of this requires permanent storage, so Radis can be used to store them.

Advantages of Using Redis

Note that using this technology has many advantages such as high speed, significant cost reduction, similar structure to NoSQL, and support for many programming languages.  In the following, we intend to mention each of them separately.

High speed

If you are an active person in the field of IT in today’s world and you do not have enough speed to act in various fields, you cannot progress along with your competitors. Redis is one of the databases today that plays a very important and vital role in accelerating the technologies that use this database for their storage.

Similar structure to NoSQL

Redis is structurally similar to NoSQL. People who used to use NoSQL in the past are eager to use Radis today. This database, in addition to having the usual features of NoSQL, also has the ability to store data by a random memory in RAM. For this reason, today, large and active companies in the field of technology use more Radis. These include SnapChat, Stack Overflow, Pinterest, Diggs, Weibo, Craigslist, and FlickR.

Dramatic cost reduction

Redis has a very special role in reducing your costs because it involves very little server resources. If you use cloud storage in addition to Radis, your costs will be greatly reduced.

Support for different programming languages

Support for multiple languages ​​for a database is a very positive thing. has this feature.  Languages ​​supported by Redis include Java, JavaScript, C, C ++, Python, Go, Objective-C, and PHP. The wide range of languages ​​supported by Redis makes it easier for people with these programming languages ​​to use Redis.

And in the end,

In the end, we must say that Redis has tools that increase the speed of the site and for this reason it is very popular among developers and programmers. On the other hand, it is very easy to set up and install, which also has a great impact on its popularity.

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