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I, Arsalan MirBozorgi, try to share my personal experiences and knowledge with you. On my website you can see the different types of science projects that have been provided to you by example. You can implement all the tips on this website in your own projects. In this article, we are going to talk to you about nginx.

Nginx is a server service that is actually an open source web server. This web server is free and very functional. The original idea for the web server was developed in 2002 by a Russian national, and in 2004 it was released to the public worldwide.

What is a web server?

Suppose you have a JavaScript code and you want to make your code live, or put it on a server or host so that other people can see it.  In this case, you can use a server such as nginx or Apache2. These servers are web-based, and because you have a public IP server, nginx will easily load this page for you.

Here I’m going to review the general and practical use of Eng X, which you can see as a project and an example on my GitHub.

1. How should you use EngX if you want to load a JavaScript or HTML and CSS page?
2. What should we do if we want to use Eng for Port forwarding?
3. If our protocol isHTTP and we want to do proxy or port forwarding, how should we use it?
4. If our protocol is UDP and we want to do proxy or port forwarding, how should we use it?
5. If our protocol is TCP and we want to do proxy or port forwarding, how should we use it?

The next item is Load with Balancing nginx, which I personally did with HA proxy and I will explain to you in that section, if you need to load balancing with nginx, email me to prepare a practical example for you.

And in the end,

Codes and commands of all of these can be found on my GitHub.

GitHub links for each of the items:

Load Js:


Port Forwarding:


HTTP Proxy:




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